Swap It Toolkit

Everyone has clothing and other items at home that aren’t getting the love and attention they deserve. Swap Events are a fun way for people to bring gently used clothing or small household items and swap them for ‘new’ items! Swap Events are also a great opportunity to have fun, get creative, meet your neighbours, and reduce waste.

Recycling Council of Ontario has developed the Swap It Toolkit, a multi-language and customizable package of resources that includes everything you need to organize a successful swap event in your community, building, or workplace.

Giving clothing and textile products a second life through Swap Events means avoiding the impacts associated with the energy, land, and water used for making new items.

Hosting clothing swaps saves money, encourages people to engage with neighbours, and, most importantly, offers a sense of community and shared support amongst residents!

    Register for the Swap It Toolkit

    Registration is required to download the Swap It Toolkit and its resources. Once registered you receive a link to the downloads page.

    The Swap It Toolkit is developed by Recycling Council of Ontario as a resource of Waste Reduction Week in Canada.

    This project is supported by the City of Toronto through its Waste Reduction Community Grants.